“We use SEO to boost profits for businesses big and small. I know what works and what doesn’t”

A Somali-Dutch born expat who moved to London to study philosophy in 2013. A short while into his course he decided to postpone formal education to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Knowing full well that the journey he started was one which many people fail in, he decided it was worth it. A quote from popular entrepreneur rings true here.

– ‘“Running a start-up is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss. – Elon Musk. –

Shakur thoroughly studied what makes a successful business person by reading 40+ books on the topic and consulting with successful businessmen. The essential skills he needed fell within these categories;

  • The knack of acquiring new business
  • Being able to resolve client concerns
  • Developing a commercial skill

The first idea was to set up shop and learn all these skills through trial and error, but it didn’t seem morally just to start a business on weak grounds. The second idea was to have a job where he could practice these fundamental entrepreneurial skills.

He went with the second option and learned the skills he set out to learn over a period of 6 years.

The knack of acquiring new business

The earliest work experience Shakur was exposed to was as a door to door salesman. The most difficult and tasking type of sales and the pay was only on commission. According to Dan Kennedy 1 year in door to door sales is equivalent to many university degrees. This experience was the most profound learning experience according to the aspiring entrepreneur.

Being able to resolve client concerns

Shakur went on to work in an account management role. For 2 years he worked for a German printing company within the customer support department in London. The business was new. To resolve client complaints was of great importance to make the business thrive. The ability to liaison with different parts of the business to meet client’s deadlines was what Shakur learned at this role.

Developing a commercial skill 

Finding the right niche to specialise in can be a tough task. 2016 Shakur got introduced to SEO. His friend explained how vital SEO is for any digital business but also how much fun it can be to figure out how to do it. It was love on first sight and since then Shakur has been practising SEO.

While working on his own projects at home Shakur still had to pay the rent, pay for the courses and pay for mentorship. All this money was funded by working part time in Harrods. According to the young entrepreneur the experience gained at Harrods has imprinted into him how to offer excellent service.

Mid 2018 Shakur applied to work at a marketing agency. He got the job as an executive on the merit of his previous SEO results. After a short while the two parted ways because Shakur felt ready to take on private clients.

Bringing it all together

All the above-mentioned experiences wrapped together including the successful application of SEO is the service Shakur likes to offer to his clients.

Our business stands for excellence, results and camaraderie.