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Even though SEO is the core service that we offer as a company, it has it's down sides. One of the disadvantages of SEO is that it takes a very long time to generate results compared to paid traffic.

However, paid traffic can be expensive and stops when you stop investing in it.

This is where long term thinking comes in. Optimizing your website to rank on page one whilst at the same time running PPC advertising is the most deadly combo available on the internet today.

You're not only getting the short term benefits of overnight leads through paid traffic, but you're also getting the long term benefits of sustainable organic traffic.

It's a match made in heaven.

We offer pay per click advertising to supplement our SEO campaigns for our clients.

SEO might take 8-12 months depending on the industry and competition to actually start seeing real results.

For businesses who are in a little bit more of a rush, we're able to start generating quality leads for them within 2 weeks using PPC advertising.

We want to over deliver for our clients.

Our main objective when working with a business is to generate a substantial ROI for that business.

A substantial ROI in our eyes is AT LEAST a 2:1 return on your investment.

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